What’s your default way of responding?

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How do you habitually respond to life’s challenges?

Did you know that most individuals and teams:

💜 work too hard,

💜 experience too much conflict, friction and stress,

💜 and vastly underachieve their potential?

This occurs because they are responding to life’s challenges with a negative frame of mind rather than a positive one.  And in doing so they are unknowingly sabotaging both their own and their team’s performance and wellbeing.


Do you respond to life’s challenges in a positive frame of mind or a negative?

As humans we are pre-conditioned to have a negative bias mentally – we’re three times more likely to activate our negative mental muscles than our positive mental muscles.  What that means is that unless you’re consciously conditioning your positive mental muscles your negative mental muscles are being conditioned by default.

For sure, negative emotions can be a helpful alert signal for a brief moment.  In that moment you get to choose whether you stay in negative emotions or switch to positive emotions.

Choosing to stay in negative emotions, however, hurts your ability to see clearly and respond with empathy, curiosity, creativity or lazer-focused action.

In essence, choosing to remain in negative emotions hinders your ability to move forward and make progress toward your desired outcome.


Is it really possible to change how you respond?

You may be wondering whether it’s really possible to shift from negative to positive response even in touch challenges.  The great news is that …

YES, it is.


How you respond is an indicator of your mental fitness.

Specifically, the speed and depth of the shift you’re able to make depends on your mental fitness.

Your mental fitness is determined by the strength of 3 core muscles – your saboteur interceptor,  your self-command  and your sage.

We’re all aware of how important our physical fitness is and we each choose how active we are and through that we choose how physically fit we are.


Your mental fitness is just as, if not more, important than your physical fitness.

If you were to rate your mental fitness, would you be an Olympic athlete or a couch potato?    Or somewhere in between?

Physically the difference between an Olympic athlete and a couch potato is the muscles they’ve trained and honed.  The athlete has purposefully conditioned the muscles required for their area of skill.  The couch potato hasn’t and therefore those muscles have atrophied in their body.

Whether you’re aware of it or not, you have mental muscles intended to help you thrive regardless of the circumstances.



Only three core muscles are at the root of your mental fitness.

These are the saboteur interceptor, the sage and the self-command muscles.

When you purposefully condition your positive mental muscles your negative bias atrophies and your capacity to respond to life’s challenges positively rather than negatively increases.


Proactively improving your mental fitness positively impacts:

💜 your performance, results and success;

💜 your overall health and well-being;

💜 your relationships;

💜 and your sense of peace, joy and happiness.


Your mental fitness is a key indicator of your ability to create lasting positive change in your life.

Creating lasting positive change in your life requires 20% insight and 80% mental muscle.  In other words, the more mentally fit you are, the better able you are to create positive change in your life.


You already know that any new fitness program is hard work at first, difficult to stick with and easy not to do.  That’s why those who are serious about getting fitter, whether it’s physically or mentally, engage a coach to encourage, support and hold them accountable to the promises they make to themselves.


When you’re ready to get mentally fit, message me.

I’ll answer your questions and ask you some to check you’re aligned to get the best results from this.  And if so, I’ll invite you in.  No pressure from my end; I’ll only invite you in if I’m utterly convinced that you’re an energetically aligned fit.  I look forward to your message 💜💜

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