What more is possible?

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August 2022 is the month of Possibilities


5 energy in August is curious and wants to know what more is possible.

This month you’ll be grateful for your firm foundation and beneficial boundaries, that you’re aligned, committed and you trust yourself otherwise there’s a chance the teeter totter of the 5 energy that we lived through last year may deviate you and pull you out of alignment.

You may feel nostalgic about the past and there may even be moments when you want to go back to 2021.  Remind yourself you are here to consciously realign and keep making progress rather than revert.

It’s a month to watch you’re not led off your path by bright, shiny objects.



August is here to encourage you to stay grounded, stay aligned, stay on your own path whilst also diving into new possibilities. 

The energy throughout August reminds you to lead with love and compassion, both for yourself and for others.

The energy of play, creativity and curiosity is present throughout the month.

How can you incorporate playful curiosity as you realign and choose which possibilities will further expand your spiritual growth and evolution?

You’ll want to be creative, have fun and do things you’ve not done before.

What is possible for you?  Where are you limiting your expansion and growth?

Many days this month you’ll feel the pull between focusing on the one thing you feel passionate about and wanting to go every which way rather than settle on something.  Remembering your purpose feeling into that will keep you on your path.

With no spade energy this month, you’re straight into diamonds with their physicality, their desire to see material evidence and changes.

Diamond energy in August brings the energy of release and surrender.  When you view those new possibilities from a higher perspective how will you proceed?  Which are aligned for you?

Club energy reminds you to lead with your vision and put the structures in place to ensure your actions are effective.  It’s time to realign your boundaries, to take aligned action, to be grounded and to spend time in nature.

Heart energy asks you to check your intention and stay in momentum – to hold fast to what you truly believe and not be deviated by others.

Your journey through August will be centered around the question –

What is possible as you lead with compassion? 

As you explore new possibilities throughout August, choose that which is aligned for you.


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