Lead with your Vision

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Kindness and Compassion

May wants you to lead with your vision, and with love, kindness and compassion.

To establish structures, systems and process; and to get stuff done.

Make space to rest into what’s next.

How willing are you to be comfortable in the void – to feel your feelings in the void rather than trying to fill the void with comforters?


Focus on your purpose

Focus on one idea or purpose at a time as you motivate yourself and those you lead to be committed to your priorities, to go all in and make solid forward progress.

Commitment does not equal control.

Focus on what you can control and what you’re responsible for.

Define your intention and commit to that as you take inspired, aligned action one step at a time.


Lead with your vision


4 energy is practical, tangible and productive. It wants a solid grounded foundation so you can rest into what’s next and built the appropriate structure, systems and processes for it.



Establish and assert boundaries so that you have space to nurture and take care of you.

When you do that you are then able to lead and support from your overflow rather than your fumes. Pouring from an empty cup can end up as you over-sacrificing, selling your soul, giving pieces of you away, or being judgmental and harsh on those you lead.

Observing and going with the flow of energy the universe sends to support your growth and transformation does not mean you get to sit back and procrastinate. It simply means you flow with it to guide and support you as you maintain your momentum.


Love is an action, a choice, a decision

This energy reminds you that how you show up creates your experience.

Choosing to lead with kindness accompanied by encouraging, compassionate love makes it possible for you to win over any room you enter because you exude charm, grace, and confidence.

Take time to breathe and ground, to get out in nature and be physical.  What solid habits would you benefit from establishing?



Spade energy in May

Spade energy May 1 thru 5 brings new inspiration and awareness of you as a leader.

It asks you to set clear intentions, to commit, to be responsible for the consequences of your choices, decisions and actions as you firm up your foundation for your expansion and growth.

Be curious about what’s next for you, be open to possibilities.

Make space to connect with the unseen, your higher self, your soul as part of your everyday experience.


Diamond energy in May

Diamond energy May 6 thru 18 reminds you that your physical world is a reflection of your inner landscape.

Freedom is an inside job.

Your energy is everything.

Be aware of when you lack focus and wibble-wobble – it’s up to you to hold the line and be accountable to yourself for the commitments you’ve made.


Club energy in May

May is the first month in the year that we experience the full range of Club energy.

Club energy May 19 thru 31 encourages you to run to your fears rather than away from them.

Be willing to be silent in solitude, surrendering your control so that you are able to hear the whispers of your higher self.

Your inner wisdom that comes from your soul and intuition, is your greatest source of wisdom – far superior to any book learning or head knowledge.

Let go of the need to control the outcome of your communications.

Be willing to have the courageous conversions knowing that in doing so you create deeper connections and release any conflict debt.


New Moon in Taurus

New Moon on May 8 in Taurus invites you to see value in your creations and magickal gifts.  Feel into what your version of extraordinary would be and be willing to choose to live into it now.

Let go of what no longer feels right, what’s no longer aligned, what doesn’t bring you delight.  In doing so you open potential for a new aligned standard of living so that you avoid energy suckers that result in overwhelm, dis-ease, and burnout.

Simplifying allows you to focus on your own path rather than the directions of others as you grow, expand and transform.


Full Moon in Sagittarius

Full Moon on May 23 in Sagittarius wants you to trust yourself to keep on going, to believe in yourself more deeply than you’ve done up until now.

Be willing to see your own potential and celebrate yourself.

As you release any residual anger you increase your own capacity to create and heal.

Stop trying to analyze your inner wisdom and simply accept it. let go of your ‘shoulds’ so that you’re open to hearing your own inner wisdom.



In May remember to lead with your vision, and with love, kindness and compassion; to establish structures, systems and process; to get stuff done.


Want to turn your overwhelm and self-doubt into self-mastery and fulfiling, extraordinary leadership so that you so that you experience the growth and success you want in much less time and with much less effort than you’re currently exerting, even if you don’t believe it’s possible without working yourself to the bone?  Message me to find out how.

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