Never let go of your dream


There had to be a better way

Many years ago, in my marriage I was advised I needed a counsellor and then everything would miraculously turn out OK.  I lost count of how many I went to.  I do know counselling failed to deliver the promised miracle. 

Me, being me, knew there had to be a better way. 

Part way through my studies to become a counsellor I realised it would never work for me, it was just too negative for me.  It didn’t offer me solutions that I could work towards; I knew I needed to move forward not just look back.

Yet, deep down in me was my calling to help women create the lives they dreamed of for them and their children. 

I refused to let go of my dream, I knew I’d find a way even though at that point I had no idea how to make it happen.  I knew I’d find a way.

A few years later I met up with a life coach and that meeting literally changed my life. 

I realised without a shadow of doubt that coaching was the way forward for me to serve and support women.  So I set about studying to be a coach.  That was quite a few years ago now. 

Now I’m an ICF credentialed, certified professional coach living my dream helping eminent female leaders make more money and have more time by creating scalability and freedom.  It fills me with love and joy every day. 

Why am I sharing this story with you?  There’s lessons in that story that apply to others as well, maybe to you …

Lesson #1: Never, never, never let go of your dream. 

Never give up on your vision. 

If you know you’re born for something then it’s your duty and your responsibility to go for it.  I believe that we’re never given a dream or a vision for nothing.  

Believe me when I say there were countless times over the years when I nearly gave up, usually after I’d shared my dream with someone who didn’t understand it and therefore didn’t encourage me. 

I’m grateful that I never gave up … otherwise I wouldn’t be the woman I am today serving and supporting so many eminent women leaders around the globe so they can realise their dreams.


Lesson #2: Whatever crap you’ve gone through in your life has a reason.

Whatever lessons you’ve learned, whatever you’ve been through in your life; I believe you’ve gone through it and learn those lessons for a reason. 

They’ve moulded and shaped you into the person you are today.  They’re an integral part of your life purpose. 

I can attest that this is true.  I would not be the person I am today had I not experienced what I did.


Lesson #3: You don’t need to know the how.

It’s the why that’s important. 

Keep taking baby steps and you’ll keep making progress towards fulfilling your life purpose and your dream. 

I didn’t know the how, especially after I’d given up on my counsellor training.  I did still know my why, my dream and I never let go of it.


My encouragement for you is to never, ever give up.

Never, ever let go of your dream!





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