What is procrastination really and how can you overcome it?


Procrastination is the bane of so many people’s lives.  I’ve come across many people lately who label themselves as procrastinators.   Seems appropriate to look at procrastination and discover how to combat it.

Here are some of the ways procrastination can show up:

  1. Decisions you’ve not made. Choices you’ve not chosen.  Napoleon Hill says that procrastination is the enemy of decision.  The magic in choosing and deciding is that once you’ve chosen and then followed that with a decision to commit to your choice; the other thoughts and ideas, the other options you were considering all fall by the wayside.  While they’re not lost, you can retrieve them in the future if you so desire, they’re no longer taking up space in your head. 

“Choose and decide, there is no other way”

  1. For some people procrastination is a by-product of not knowing where to start. Let’s say you have a project you’ve been promising yourself and others you’ll get going on.  You’ve been meaning to get started for absolutely ages.  What’s the real reason you’ve not begun yet?  For some of you it will be that you’re just not sure of where to begin.  The reality is that anywhere is fine; wherever you choose to begin is better than not starting at all.   Almost always, just taking the first step, any step, allows the next appropriate step or action to appear.  Trust that you know where to start and take that first step.  Then trust that the next step will appear. 

What’s the best next step for you to take right now?

  1. Overwhelm is fuel for procrastination. Together they’ll keep you stuck for as long as you allow them.  Overwhelm and confusion go hand in hand with procrastination.  Clearing them starts with knowing your priorities.  Once you know your priorities, aka what’s important to you, then procrastination, overwhelm and confusion can be left to fend for themselves as you move forward taking action on what’s important to you.  Ask yourself: what’s the most important thing for me to do right now?  Then do that thing.

Your priorities determine your success

  1. Remember your why. When you feel yourself procrastinating remind yourself why you do what you do.  When you’re procrastinating over doing the laundry remember why you do this for your family.  When you’d love to stay in bed a longer rather than going for your morning run, remember you’ve chosen to go running in the morning to benefit your health and well-being.  When your why is bigger than your excuse, you’ll get into action. 

Procrastination can’t survive a powerful why

  1. When you’re procrastinating it’s sometimes because what you’re putting off is actually out of alignment for you. Check whether what you’re putting off aligns with your values, your mission, your vision and your why.  If it doesn’t then it’s not the right thing for you to be doing.   Typically when you’ve decided to do something that aligns with you you’ll move heaven and earth to get it done.  Often we put stuff off, procrastinate, because intuitively we know it’s out of alignment.  When that happens it means it’s time to say no to that thing, release it and move on.

NO is a complete sentence


  1. Telling yourself you don’t know will keep your procrastinator wheel turning for as long as you keep telling that story. When you hear your internal dialogue telling the ‘I don’t know’ story turn it round and ask ‘what if I do know?’  Truth is you probably do, or you know someone you can run your idea past.  The antidote to self-doubt is action because from taking action you build confidence. 

What if you do know the answer?


Some or all of these may show up for you at various times and in different situations.  When you have tools in your toolkit to combat procrastination, you’ll make steady progress to accomplishing your goals.


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