Success depends on two ingredients

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Success is up to you!

You want success, I know you do!

Yet, like most people, you wonder how you can get the success you crave.


Your success depends on your energy and your structure

For you to be successful, your unique blend of your energy and your structure need to be aligned and on point. 

Everything else necessary lies within those two containers.


Energy without structure can be a mess.

Structure that’s too restrictive or not aligned for you, compromises your values and works against you.

The secret to your success is being true to you, being in alignment and owning your power.


Your success depends on your ability to create structure aligned with your energy.

Knowing this makes success simple.

All that’s required is for you to bring together and align all the components required for your life and business to enjoy sustainable success.

This is one of the key things I help my clients with.  I reflect their blind spots and help them see what they can’t see so they can overcome what’s holding them back.  Then they’re able to get what they want with ease and flow.




Your Energy

Everything in our universe is energy.  We literally exist in a sea of energy.

Barely 5% of energy materializes as the particles we can see.  The remaining 95% swirls around and about us.

Energy has a flavor, a frequency and a vibration that changes and evolves.


Your energy underpins everything

There’s universal energy that evolves over time and that every living being on earth experiences.

You have your own personal energy, your freedom code; if you’ve already received a numerology reading from me you’ll be aware of its flavor.

Every single living being on earth, including you, moves through life in their own energy bubble.  The flavor of energy within your own energy bubble changes and evolves through time.

Using the magick of numerology and my intuitive channelling to reveal your personal energy you get to know the nature of that energy.

Once you know the nature of the energy that’s present at any point in time now or in the future, you’re able to choose how you show up in it.


Will you be in the flow, leaning fully into the flavor of energy the universe is gifting you and standing in your power, letting it help you?

Or, will you be pushing against the energy in your bubble, and reacting to what occurs around you?


You choose the energy you be in at every moment in your business, either consciously or by default.

You choose the energy you bring to any and every situation, circumstance and encounter in life regardless of whether you’re aware of it.

Being aware of your personal energy allows you to choose with purpose and intention.

How will you choose to be within what’s possible in that energy?


Your energy affects everything you do

Your energy influences the results you achieve.

Your energy shows up in your relationships with others and with yourself.

Your energy is one vital ingredient in your success.

How you choose to be in that energy shows up in your results.

Being aware of your energy makes managing how you show up take less effort.

You get to choose the strategies you’ll utilize to maintain your energy at as high a vibration as possible.

You get to live intentionally.

You get to refine and fulfil your purpose and vision.


Your Structure

Structure is the second vital ingredient in your success.

Structure is the arrangement of and relations between the parts or elements of something complex.

Your life and your business are complex with lots of parts and elements; therefore, the structure you choose impacts your success.

As with your energy, you have the power to create your own unique structure – it’s up to you to choose whether you claim that power or not.

Choosing to do so means you get to organize your life and business according to your own rules.

You get to be creative, to explore and expand what’s possible.

You get to play and experience pleasure in the process.

You get to design your own life.

You’ll need to make courageous choices, to make effective decisions, to take bold actions; to go against society’s norms when necessary, to be maverick, to bring your magick into every moment of your life.

Above all your self-trust will be deepened, your confidence will grow and your independence will strengthen.

You get to plan and create your own foundation and framework.

You get to select systems, strategies and processes.

You get to choose all the hows, whys and whos of your business and life.

You get to shape it and reshape it as you grow and evolve over time.  You get to align and realign as and when required.  You get to define all aspects of it.

When your structures are aligned you effectively have your own personal sand-box to play in and create the life and business you want – it truly is magickal.


Success = Energy + Structure

Your capacity to align your energy and structure with one another and with you determines your success.

The more aligned they are, the more sustainable your growth and success are.

Then you get to be known for unapologetically doing life and business your way, aligned with your values and vision.

You get to be known as the extraordinarily free and audacious woman you are.

You get to determine your own success.



Connecting the Seen and the Unseen

To create anything in the physical world requires aspects of both the seen and the unseen – energy and structure.

You can’t have one without the other.  Focusing on one will not get you what you want.  Your success depends on you creating the blend that’s right for you.  This is the magickal essence of my work with clients.

Through my exclusive mix of science and alchemy in my work with clients tangible meets intangible, logic meets magick, practical meets intuition, structure meets energy and the ordinary becomes extraordinary.

Together we create firm foundations and practical, intuitive strategies that empower you to step fully into leadership and set your business and life up for recurring, sustainable growth and success.


If you’d love my help to create the next phase of your life and wealth, please message me or book a call today.

I’ll ask you a few questions to see if this is aligned to get the best results for you.   No pressure from my end; I’ll only offer to invite you in if I’m utterly convinced that you’re an energetically aligned fit.

I look forward to your message xx





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Daphne Wells coaches women to design a life and business that feels free by helping to release expectations that don’t resonate and fully embrace what makes them happiest. An advocate for independence and author of Decide – Choose your own path, Daphne helps women find their inner strength and take courageous action all over the world.

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