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Release and surrender to the final clean out

9 energy in January 2024 wants you to release and surrender to this being the last clean up before moving forward.  I know you’ve cleaned the closet out already, yet now it’s time to do one last sweep of what’s left.  This is your resilient last stand before the year gets moving.

You’re making space to receive more.

The universe wants you to surrender to your spirit, soul and heart connection; to your transformation and healing.


Release and surrender


Spade energy

January is the only month of each year where we have the full suit of Spade energy present.

Spade energy is ambitious yet insists you act in integrity trusting your own values and dreams.

Spade energy in January 2024 wants you to remain grounded whilst being spiritually connected.  To weave the seen and the unseen.


Spade energy


What rituals and practices can you integrate into your daily rhythm and commit to, to help you stay in momentum and flow through 2024?


Prioritize your intuition

Refuse to allow the critics or naysayers to thwart your progress.

The focus that 2024 asks of you requires blinkers to avoid distractions, and to be free of overwhelm, overwork and overburden. 



Higher perspective

January’s energy asks you to indulge in higher perspective understanding, to reflect, to become acutely self-aware and in tune with your knowing.

This takes courageous leadership energy and a willingness to be visible and vulnerable, to lead by example always connected to your higher, wise self; aware that you create your reality one decision at a time.



Universally, we’re all in Mercury for January and most of February.

Mercury is all about how you view the world. It influences your intentions, ideas, commitments and converations.

It wants you to live intentionally in the present moment, curiously trying new things without expectation or attachment.

Mercury energy asks you to be acutely aware of your thoughts and your willingness to shift your perceptions.  It’s a time to play with your ideas, considering them from all angles. Take your blindfold off and view everything from a higher, broad picture perspective.

What help are you willing to invest in to support your growth and momentum in 2024?


Spade energy in January

Spade energy January 1 thru 13 invites you to seriously consider what you want to be different this year and what you’re willing to change so that happens.  It wants you to play and be curious as you connect more deeply to your higher, wise self.

How willing are you to experiment, observe and explore? 

What routines, habits and rituals are you willing to switch up and try something you’ve never done before?


Diamond energy in January

Diamond energy, January 14 thru 26, doubles the surrender and release energy of January 2024.

What are you willing to let go of so that you can remain grounded yet spiritually connected? 

How willing are you to perceive from a higher perspective, and to role model spiritual dedication? 

Remember it’s not all about material results as you set your intentions for 2024, your physical world is only 0.000001% of all that is present – the rest is energy.

What is required for you to weave together the seen and the unseen in new ways? 


Club energy in January

Club energy January 27 thru 31, asks you to use your power wisely as led by spirit, to lead with your vision and to put the structures in place to create an unshakable foundation for you to stand firmly on and be the leader of you.

How can you measure your progress when your life journey is like no one else’s and your transformation is unseen? 

You have what it takes to create your own path and follow it to fulfil your purpose and vision.


Moon energy in January

The New Moon on January 11 in Capricorn wants you to get in the driver’s seat and create your own reality, ensuring you have the structures, systems, and processes in place to support you.

Full Moon on January 25 in Leo asks you to refocus on your own path and prioritize tasks that will move you forward; whilst building your foundation, systems, and structure you need to expand and grow.


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