“There is a real magic in enthusiasm. 

It spells the difference between

mediocrity and accomplishment” 

Norman Vincent Peale


Enthusiasm is essential to business, to marketing, to selling, to life … pretty much to everything.  

Without enthusiasm nothing succeeds as well as it could, if at all.

Enthusiasm brings your personality alive and releases innate powers you may not previously have been aware you had.  

Enthusiasm is a spark that makes life exciting and fun.  

The last four letters are the secret to enthusiasm!  

“iasm” = I am sold myself; which, of course, is such an essential ingredient.  

You’ve gotta be sold on yourself, on your life, your work, your goals, your mission, your purpose, your vision.  

Otherwise what’s the point?

Enthusiasm creates a winning attitude so powerful that it virtually overcomes any negative thoughts or feelings which may threaten to destroy it. 

Enthusiasm is a spark that makes life exciting and fun.  Everyone responds positively to a person who has enthusiasm and zest for living.

How do you ‘learn’ enthusiasm?

Firstly, you decide that you want to feel enthusiastic and make it part of your life.  Then you work at cultivating enthusiasm every single day.

Enthusiasm is for your mind like nutrition is for you body – you need a healthy daily dose to keep all the ‘parts’ functioning. 


“Success consists of going

from failure to failure

without loss of enthusiasm”

Winston Churchill


Start and continue each day with enthusiasm

  1. You set the tone for your entire day within the first five minutes after you wake up.
  2. During your first five minutes, mentally prepare for the day ahead and visualize yourself being successful at every endeavor.
  3. Say out loud all the positive things you can think of: “I’m glad to be alive,” “I’m super excited about doing … today”. Think about the good things you have done lately for yourself or for someone else.  Speak aloud the fabulous things you’ll achieve today.
  4. Whenever a negative thought crosses your mind, get rid of it. Turn it into a positive thought. Never dwell on thoughts of personal limitations.

Enthusiasm fuels your success!


“Protect your enthusiasm

from the negativity of others” 

H Jackson Brown Jr.


Protecting your enthusiasm from the negativity of others is a real thing.

Especially when you’re an entrepreneur, starting and growing something new.  

Knowing someone has your back, is in your corner, and supporting you is vital at all stages in life.

When you’re starting over, when you’re navigating change, beginning something new or tweaking what you’re doing you need external support. 

That’s where I come in.  I’ve been likened to Wonder Woman on more than one occasion for it.  

When you’re ready to have Wonder Woman on your team, give me a shout xx


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Her true magic lies in her ability to clarify, to see possibilities, create ideas and inspirit you to implement.

As a young woman she quietly and effectively changed an industry, opening doors for women in a previously male-dominated field.  For many years Daphne has guided leaders to be more effective in their roles.   

Courageous and high-achieving women business owners, leaders, coaches, service professionals, therapists and entrepreneurs round the globe, all of whom have big hearts and yearn to make a difference and make money, hire Daphne so they can be clear and focused on their forward direction and growth.

As a certified professional coach, mastermind leader and facilitator, with a history of birthing and growing small businesses, Daphne has a deep passion to inspirit eminent leadership.

She lives in the beautiful South Island of New Zealand from where she works with high-achieving and courageous women leaders, business owners and entrepreneurs worldwide.  She’s President of ICF NZ Southern.

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