“The times they are a changin'”

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Planning avoids panic

“The times, they are a changin’

Remember that Bob Dylan song?

We are living in changing times for sure. And it’s taking its toll of people all over the world.

Planning avoids panic.  That makes it supremely important to take steps before you get into panic mode.  To plan ahead of time.  To be proactive, rather than reactive.



Here are some steps you can take, some questions to answer and some things to think about:

Review what you are doing …

  • Which services will be easy to continue doing in these new circumstances?
  • Which services will you not be able to continue providing?
  • Can you do more of what you can keep doing and receive the same revenue as you have been?
  • Where do you make the most profit and how can you do more of that?
  • What can you refine or consolidate?

How can you provide your services given the current situation including social isolation?

  • If you’re a realtor perhaps you could create a video tour of the home you’re selling to avoid having lots of people walk through the home.

If you usually offer an in-person service, how can you do it virtually? 

  • Perhaps you’re an organizer who does home-calls to help people declutter and organize their homes. Think about how you could provide that service virtually.  Zoom is an amazing tool for that as it allows you to communicate with your clients in conversation and text, to screen share and to view what’s happening in your client’s home or office.  It’s like being in their home without being there in-person.

If it’s not possible to provide the exact service you have been offering, what can you do?

  • Ask yourself. “what can I do?” Keep asking that question and jotting down the answers.  Then ask “what else?”, “and what else?”   Brainstorming can be easier when you do it with someone else.  One of my magical gifts is in seeing possibilities and creating ideas so please sing out if you want some help with this.

If you started your business afresh today, what would it look like?

  • What would you do differently and, as a result of that, what will you change?
  • What will you do differently moving forward?


What’s Next:

If you’re feeling stuck in the uncertainty of the present time, putting together your FREEDOM plan is hugely beneficial.  For March I’m offering this at just $88, rather than the usual $450.

Your FREEDOM plan includes:

  • One hour on zoom to create your own FREEDOM plan
  • Check-in call a week later with email support between to get you into action and making progress

This is for you if you …

  • Need confidence to make decisions that will move you forward
  • Want to feel untrapped
  • Believe the world is your oyster
  • Know deep down it’s your time to pivot and do what you were born to do
  • Are ready to control your own life again

Give me an hour and together we’ll co-create your FREEDOM plan.

I’m excited to proactively plan with you to avoid you ending up in panic mode!

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