Why mixing numerology with business success coaching fast-tracks your results

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Why do you mix business success coaching and numerology, Daphne?

I’ve been asked this many times recently, so I wanted to answer the question and let you know why I believe they’re such a beautiful, effective mix that provides insanely powerful results and transformation for my clients.

Numerology is the science of transformation and growth.

Originating in the ancient city of Atlantis, some 22,000 years ago, the calculations we use today are attributed to the Greek mathematician and philosopher Pythagoras.


As a certified numerologist, I use your date of birth to unlock the truth of who you were born as and provide insanely powerful revelations that empower you.  Your personal code opens your eyes to who you’re hard-wired to be and gives you radical permission to be you without the world telling you who to be.


So, why do I use numerology rather than any of the plethora of personality tests and analysis that are available in the marketplace?



Numerology is based on your date of birth alone.

There are no questions to answer.

You don’t need to know the time of your birth.

It’s simple, powerful and shockingly accurate.


The information and insights numerology can provide are multi-layered, profound and deeply transformative.


No doubt you’ve done many personality tests over the years.  Most of them include a series of questions you have to answer.   Whenever I’ve been answering these quizzes, I’ve realized that I could answer the question many different ways depending on which situation I applied the question to.  In my experience when I’ve not particularly liked what the results tell me I then wonder how the results would have been different if I’d answered the questions relative to a different scenario.  That’s always left me with a nagging doubt as to their ability to reliably and accurately identify aspects of my personality.  Hence, I’ve chosen not to use any of them in my coaching practice.


Numerology, on the other hand, is shockingly accurate.

It’s mathematically calculated so there’s no second-guessing it.  I’m either living in the empowered side of my numbers or I’m not. 

It’s multi-layered with no boxes for you to fit into.

You have your personal code, your energy grid and your energetic influences.

Each of us has our own unique mix of energetic seasons through our life.

We carry our personal day and year energy as well as being influenced by the universal day and year energy.

You have your birth card, your life spread and yearly spread.

Additionally, we all live through seven different seasons of energy every year.

This, my friends, is why googling your ruling number is not the answer.


When you work with a certified numerologist, like myself, I interpret all your numbers and patterns to intuitively support you flow with your personal energy and the universal energy rather than working against it.


Numerology can give shockingly accurate predictions of your future energetic influences so you can be prepared and use them to your advantage.    I use this information in intuitive strategic planning sessions with my clients to fast-track their ability to reach their goals.   This truly takes planning and goal-setting to a whole new level!


Numerology can accurately tell what your purpose is, who your ideal client is and how you serve them in the way you were born to.  This information is life-changing for your business and saves you lengthy periods of trial and erroring your way to identifying this; which ultimately means you’ve got paying clients sooner rather than later.

Plus, because you’ll be doing what you’re hard-wired to do, it’s sustainable which means you’ll not sacrifice yourself in the process.


Numerology validates and confirms you, increases your confidence and personal power.

One piece of information my numerology revealed would have saved me decades of trauma, years of therapy and anguish had I known it all those years ago.  In an instant it validated the feelings I’d experienced, acknowledged what I needed that my family was unable to provide and gave me confidence to ask for that in relationships.   If numerology can do this for me, it can do it for you too.


Numerology has the power to transform, heal and improve your relationships – in intimate relationships, families and business.

I wish I’d had this wealth of information years ago when my children were young as I know it would have made me a better mom.  I wish my parents had this information as it would have changed my experience of family.


That’s some of why I love, love, love numerology so much.  When mixed with my coaching you’ll receive a truly magical and powerful mix of insights and support to achieve anything your heart desires.


Want to know more about how numerology can support your growth and transformation?  There’s more information here or you can reach out to me directly with any questions you have.

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