Your Fees are a Filter

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Let’s talk about your fees for a moment …


The fees you charge are a filter for the clients you want.



You may have noticed that when you give your services away for free people don’t appreciate them, they don’t do the work and, therefore, don’t get the results they want and you know are possible with your help.

When your product or service is offered for a low fee you’ve probably also found evidence that people are not as committed to participating, staying on the journey and doing what’s required to get the results they say they want.


When you charge an appropriate fee for your service you attract clients you love and who love you. 

They’ll be loyal, return customers who’ll stay with you for the long-haul.  They’ll sing your praises and refer their friends and family to you.

This is a true win-win-win situation.  You win, your clients win and those they refer to you also win.

Let’s look at an example here.  You’re a massage therapist charging low fees to match those of your competitors.  All that does is have your clients go from one therapist to another depending on availability and any special deals offered.  You’ll have no-shows and clients who cancel at the last minute.  You’ll be constantly needing to find new clients.

When you charge a higher fee for your massage service, that feels good for you, you instantly filter out those no-shows and late cancellations, and you are not attractive to those who shop on price alone.  That means you attract loyal clients who’ll stay with you no matter what.

My massage therapist is this for me; it wouldn’t matter how much she charged or what I have to do to make an appointment time work for me.  She’s so great that I’ll do whatever it takes to receive her care and treatment for my body; and she’ll make sure I’m booked in advance at a time that will fit my schedule – there’s mutual respect and trust between us.  I regularly rave about her to anyone who’ll listen, who’s looking for massage in my area.

While raising your fees may mean you lose some clients in the short-term, your loyal clients will remain loyal and you’ll attract new clients who are a better fit for you and your business.


Your fees are a filter through which you attract the clients of your choice.

Want some help figuring this out?  Message me and we’ll pop on a quick call and sort it for you.

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