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10 years and what a difference!

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10 years 💜🎂 then and now!

10 years ago, my coaching business became real after I registered my coaching company.

As I reflected on the changes during those 10 years, I realized there’d been massive growth, evolution and transformation and both me and my business.



Here are some then and now comparisons …

Then – I had completed my coaching course, and was waiting for my work to be marked and certified.


I’m a certified and credentialed PCC coach through ICF;

I’m a Pythagorean and Book of Life Numerologist;

I’m an Intuitive Success Coach, a Mental Fitness and Positive Intelligence Coach; and I’ve taken many courses and learned many additional skills and tools 💃


Then – I was a competent transactional coach.


I’m a transformational intuitive coach; according to clients apparently I’m an ‘incredible’ ‘fucking mastercoach’!

I lead masterminds/inner circles.

I deliver numerology energy readings and forecasts.

In all my work with clients I blend the seen and the unseen, tangible and intangible, practical and intuition, logic and magick, strategy and energy; and the ordinary becomes extraordinary 💃


Then – I’d tentatively share the ideas and intuitive downloads I received with clients who I felt safe to do so with.


I share them freely with clients.

I absolutely trust my intuition and the ideas and downloads I receive.

I’ve come out of the intuitive/spiritual closet 💃


Then – I wasn’t on social media at all and didn’t believe I had anything important or interesting to say anyway.

💃 Now –

I share on social media every day, I know I have an important and powerful message to share.

I’m the author of “Decide – Choose your own PATH”, several ebooks and contributing chapters to multi-author books, and am currently co-writing a book with 3 of my numerology besties.

I love speaking at events and on podcasts and summits 💃


Then – I helped business owners get more clients and make more money.

💃Now –

I help midlife women create financial freedom doing what they love with ease and flow.

I deliver insanely powerful insights that give you radical permission to show up in your power and fulfil your purpose in the world.

As I help more women feel safe, solid and secure to share their magickal gifts with the world, together we help more women and the ripples expand exponentially 💃


Then – I called myself a business coach.

💃Now –

I’m your Purpose and Spiritual Confidence Alchemist 💃

I help midlife women create financial freedom doing what you love with ease and flow.


Here’s why I do what I do …

💃💜My mission is to help more women help more women.  I was literally born in this lifetime to help you feel safe, solid and secure to share your magick with the world and make more money with ease and flow.


Why would you consider working with me?

Here are four reasons you may want to be your success coach and numerologist 💃💜

💃💜 Because I want you to stop feeling as though it has to be hard and you have to do it all alone.  I want you to know you belong, and you have a tight inner circle of courageous and brilliant, daring and resilient women like you.

💃💜 Because I want you to shed your frustration and overwhelm, to know what’s truly important and focus on only that.  When you know the few things that move the needle for you and give yourself permission to stop doing those that don’t you free yourself to do more of what you love.

💃💜 Because as a soul-led visionary leader, you’re here to do some magickal work in the world.  I want to see your magick shared far and wide, so the ripples of your contribution and impact go on and on.

💃💜 Because I want you to have deep self-trust, so you show up for yourself and be in control of your own life, rather than letting your shitty committee run your life.



If you are curious about working with me please message me or pop on over here to choose a time for us to chat.  A quick conversation will tell us both whether we’re aligned to work together.  If we are, I’ll invite you in.



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about the author

Daphne Wells coaches women to design a life and business that feels free by helping to release expectations that don’t resonate and fully embrace what makes them happiest. An advocate for independence and author of Decide – Choose your own path, Daphne helps women find their inner strength and take courageous action all over the world.

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