What really is commitment?


Commitment is doing the thing you said you were gonna do long after the mood you said it in has left you” … Darren Hardy

Commitment and consistency in taking actions builds conviction in you to keep on going.  That gets you results which leads to you having certainty about your business. 

When you are truly committed to something it happens no matter what.  When you’re truly committed to somebody you’re loyal to them no matter what.  True commitment means you keep going regardless of anything else.  

Commitment is reflected in your actions.  What that means is, when you are committed you stay in action, you keep doing what needs to be done.  When your commitment wanes, usually action wanes as well. 

In business, commitment means making progress toward your goals consistently.  What that takes is being constantly in action, doing the actions that are relevant for you. 

When you’re committed to taking actions and you take those actions consistently you will build conviction in you to keep on going, to keep taking those actions. 

Conviction means you are convinced your actions are leading you to your goals.  You are convinced that keeping on going is the way to reach your dream destination.  You’ll be believing that the more you take those actions the closer you get to accomplishing your goals and intentions.    

Consistently taking relevant actions will achieve results and allow you to feel confident and certain that your business will succeed, that it will provide for your lifestyle, that your success is inevitable. 

Commitment is key.  

Commitment is integral to how you do anything. 

Commitment is the first step to certainty.   

Commitment is a vital step on your way to success. 

Commitment to self is essential before commitment to anything else will stick.  If you’re not fully committed to YOU then you can’t ever be truly committed to anything or anyone else. 

Whatever you choose to be committed to must be aligned to your values, your vision and your mission for you to remain committed when the going gets tough.

Mae West said “I never said it would be easy, I only said it would be worth it” 

She may well have said that about commitment. 


While staying committed is definitely worth it, it’s rarely easy.  And that’s why I created Resistance to Results so you break through your resistance to achieve your dream results.  Where you receive the support you deserve to stay on track and committed so you can have the results you seek. 

Be a committed action taker with:

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  • Private Client Portal to keep yourself organised and to submit documents for review.

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She lives in the beautiful South Island of New Zealand from where she works with women leaders, business owners and entrepreneurs worldwide.  She’s President of ICF NZ Southern.


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