Innovation is the name of the game

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April is a new start.

It’s the energetic new year. Innovation is the game to play in April.

Innovation is both a process and an outcome.  April brings the spark of something new, a new beginning, a new opportunity for your growth and evolution.

This energy of growth and expansion is super amplified as the month begins with a new moon 7 of Spades/2 energy day that activates your passion and invites you to deepen your trust in your growth and transformation.

What a way to begin a new year!



For the first time for a few years, we complete a manifestation cycle in a calendar year – you’ve heard me talk about day manifestation cycles that happen every month – two or three of them – here I’m referring to months rather than days and not many years include full cycles.  This has huge potential to jump you forward in your spiritual purpose and evolution.

The energy of innovation this month wants to be fuelled by your dedication in relationship.  As you innovate, you’re leading through modelling for others.

What are you innovating? 

What new idea wants to birth through you? 

What new possibilities are you willing to share with the world? 

There’s a physicality to every day this month with the 4 of April that calls for you to stay grounded.

You’ll feel pulled to create a firm foundation for your future reality.

You’ll want to get out in nature and be in action physically and in your business and work.

The first 7 days of the month, while we’re in Spade energy, there’s opportunity for you to refine and release any dregs that have crept into April even though you’ve been releasing all through March.  As we are consciously realigning all through 2022 there will be ongoing opportunities to let go.

From the 9th we transition into Diamond energy, which brings with it an outward, material perspective and a pull to create stability and structure, systems and processes to support you.  You’ll feel drawn to step out even further into your leadership, to share your magick with the world in an organized and productive way.

Full moon on the 17th coincides with the end of the first manifestation cycle of April which means the energy of letting go is amplified.

We move into Club energy from 21st April which brings in flow and momentum, and asks you to reflect on your commitment and go deep.

The month completes on a 4 energy, 4 of clubs day.  Think of 4 as the four legs on a table.  It’s a foundation.

How firm is your foundation? 

Are you building a sky-scraper or a wood shed? 

Is your foundation aligned and in integrity? 


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