Midlife is magickal

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Midlife is a blessing, not a curse


It’s certainly not the crisis we’ve been told it is.

Midlife is a privilege because you made it!  Many women, especially in past generations, didn’t.

Midlife is a powerful time when you get to choose who you’ll be moving forward.

You get to reinvent yourself.

Midlife can be triggered by a significant life-change such as children leaving home, a parent requiring more care or a relationship status change.

Midlife is a powerful time for women to reclaim themselves following years of serving others.



Your inner wise self is longing to create magick in the world

Women at this stage of life are sometimes referred to as the wild woman, the enchantress, the creatress, the witch.

It’s time for you to stand still, to look within and reflect, to accept and alchemise your experiences; then to choose how you move forward.  You may feel a deep desire to be seen and heard – to share your magickal gifts with the world.

It’s a deeply introspective time when many women choose to reclaim themselves after years of doing what society and family expected.


Midlife is an essential part of your life journey

We’ve all heard people talking about midlife crisis as though it’s a bad thing – the word crisis in the name is foreboding all on its own.

The term crisis can make us feel as though there’s something wrong with us, when in fact it’s perfectly natural to reassess who we are, why we’re here and what we want multiple times as we progress through life.

You’re not old; you’re strong, resilient, vital and able to contribute to society in ways you’d not have been equipped to do previously.


Midlife is a transition

In essence it’s simply a transition of identity and self-confidence that naturally occurs anywhere from age 39 through to 65.

As with any transition you get to choose how you respond to it.

It’s a time for change and for not allowing anyone to make you wrong for seeking change.

Midlife is a powerful time of transition when as women we often feel intuitively called to remember, discover or rediscover who we are and why we’re here.

Midlife tends to coincide with the beginning of menopause or perimenopause which can spark a desire for deep introspection.


Midlife and menopause

Midlife is undoubtedly associated with the sacred time of menopause.

Sadly, society often blames how we feel on ‘that time’ and views it as being a bad thing.  Personally, I believe this is because society, and often our families, have grown accustomed to who we have been and how we’ve showed up until then.  They want us to remain the same yet because of menopause and our energy cycles, remaining the same is the hardest choice of all for us personally.

We can experience dark emotions as the pieces of us we’ve repressed up till then are no longer content to be buried deep within us.  It’s inevitably time to let the true you out.


Physically your body is asking – now that you are no longer able to bear children – what’s next?


This question arises whether we’re aware of it or not, whether we’ve had children or not.  It is without a doubt part of being at woman.

You’ve grown and transformed throughout your life journey and there comes a point when it’s natural to reflect and wonder who you will be moving forward.

“What’s Daphne going to reinvent herself as now?” 

I was asked this by a woman I’d known for many years when she visited my hospitality business just after I’d listed it for sale. 

Energetically, the decision to sell was right on time for me, I was just past my 52nd birthday.  I was ripe for another reinvention. 

It was time for me to choose again who I would be, how I would show up, how I would further my spiritual purpose and evolution through the next phase of my life. 


Your energy cycles

There are multiple layers to your personal energy, each of which have their individual cycles.  Your unique experience through life is created partly by these converging energies.

Let’s explore why this happens at this stage of our lives from an energetic perspective.

Imagine these all going on in and around you, because the truth is they are whether you’re aware of them or not:

💜  9-year seasons – you experience four of these that commence anywhere from age 25 through 34.

These are calculated through Pythagorean numerology and based on your birth code.  They are an essential part of your growth and evolution through life.  These season changes usher different energy into your experience.


Using book of life numerology we experience:

💜  7-year cycles – these begin the day you are born and cycle perpetually through your life.

Energy is in perpetual motion.  These are essentially manifestation cycles where by being aware of the energy that is available for you can enhance what you achieve through life.  You could even view these as project management cycles.  At age 49 you’ve experienced 7 full 7 year cycles.


💜  13-year periods – these also begin the day you are born and cycle perpetually throughout your life journey.  Many of us feel significant shifts as we move from one of these periods to the next.

At age 39 you move from Mars into Jupiter, from the active, at times aggressive and passion-filled energy of Mars when you’re discovering what really motivates you to the energy of receiving blessings and opportunities that Jupiter offers.

Are you open to receiving blessings and opportunities?

Depending on your personal energy in this shift and where you are at in the spectrum of possibilities for that energy, the shift can feel quite dramatic.

At age 52 you shift out of the Jupiter into Saturn energy that asks you to learn lessons and change things that have challenged you in the past. This energy asks you to take the necessary actions and be accountable.

Are you willing to do what’s required to deepen your level of appropriate responsibility?

Age 52 is a year of great significance when you may have an important decision to make about how you proceed in life.  Some numerologists refer to it as the live or die year – I prefer to refer to it as another decision moment along your journey through life.

Are you willing to go all in and show up fully as you in the future or live the same way as you have in the past?

At age 65 you transition out of the Saturn and into the spiritual expansion of Uranus.


💜  annual cycles – each year on your birthday your personal energy changes, your focus for each year differs from the last, and your energy shifts accordingly.  Some years you may feel an abrupt shift of energy at their birthday, while in other years the change will be more subtle.


💜  52-day periods – each year you cycle through 7 of these which essentially are stepping stones to growing and evolving through the year.


All of these cycles are growth cycles, opportunities for you to expand and transform on your life journey.  They’re manifestation cycles that you can tap into to achieve whatever you want in life when you’re aware of their timing and accompanying energy.


Additionally, for most people there’s your prebirth and rebirth at ages 44 and 45.  For most people, those with 49 of the 53 possible birth cards, at age 45 you experience energy identical to that of your first year of life.  In essence then age 44 can be a time of confusion when we are in many ways experiencing similar energy to that which we did in the womb.


Ages 45 through 52, therefore are similar to your first 7 years of life when your character was molded.  These seven years are in many ways an opportunity for a do-over to expand your experience of that same energy given the many ways you’ve grown, evolved and transformed throughout your life.

At or around age 65 usually signifies the end of midlife and the entry into that of the elder, the wise woman, the medicine woman, the beautiful crone stage of life when you embody wisdom.  Traditionally we would have spent our lives cultivating deep wisdom and would then rise as the teachers.



And that’s just your personal energy!

Then there’s the universal energy that influences you as well. The universe provides these energies for you to assist you in your journey through life to achieving your life’s purpose – your soul’s agreement – your reason for being in this lifetime.


Signs you’re in midlife

When you feel your confidence waning, you feel unfulfilled and as though you’ve lost your purpose and reason for being that’s a good indication that you’re in this period of transition.

Midlife transition can be exacerbated by changes in your body, your work, your family or in the wider world.

Often these periods will feel more intense when they coincide with children moving out of home – the empty nest syndrome, parents’ health issues, relationship status changes or your own personal health concerns. Any of these events may trigger you and increase your stress levels which can leave you with infinitely more questions than answers.


Your power to choose and the cost of indecision

Whether this period of transition occurs naturally or is triggered, you get to choose how you handle it.

You can box on, doing it all alone or you can reach out for help.  As a certified numerologist I calculate and read your charts, and help you navigate the inevitable change with more ease and flow than otherwise.

Your energy shifts and changes as each cycle completes and you enter a new cycle.  Even though this happens in each individual cycle that energy shift influences all the other energy cycles running at that time.

In my observation it’s the convergence of these energy changes along with significant life-change such as children leaving home, parent requiring more care or relationship status change that trigger our midlife transition.


Midlife transition is your time to choose

It’s an important time for you to choose and decide:

Who are you given the life changes that have occurred?

Who will you be moving forward?

What do you want now and in the future?

What do you love doing and would do all day every day?

What’s important for you given all the change and growth that you’ve been through?

What motivates you?

How do you want to feel moving forward?

You get to choose.  You get to design and create your life.  While this is true throughout your life, once you reach your midlife transition you’ve grown so much and experienced so much that you are in a better position to make informed and powerful choices than you were at a younger age.

You’re at that stage of life when you no longer want to live with regrets – it’s time, it’s your time.

You are transitioning from the mothering stage of life to the wise woman stage.

When you consciously and courageously choose and decide you are taking responsibility for yourself and your life, for who you be and how you show up.

When you choose not to decide you’ve still made a decision; it’s a decision that means you’re essentially giving your power away and allowing others to choose for you; you’re living your life in default mode.  When you do that you’re not contributing your gifts to the world, you’re not doing what you came here to do, you’re living someone else’s life and fulfilling their dreams and purpose rather than your own.


The truth is there’s always a cost of indecision

That cost can show up as resentment, dissatisfaction, lack of fulfilment, apathy, deep sadness and regret.

Indecision may show up when you’re reluctant to let go of your past, when you don’t feel ready to move forward, when you really just want life to go back to the way it was.

Choosing to reinvent yourself doesn’t mean you lose your past, it just means your life evolves, your focus shifts and you get to explore new and exciting ways to be you.

One of the biggest gifts you can give yourself is a deep knowledge of who you ‘be’ in this life-time.

Who are you?

Why are you here?

What’s your contribution?

What’s your purpose?


I’ve become aware that we agree to all of these before we incarnate in this lifetime.

Essentially, our soul gets to choose and agree to our personality, our birth code.

Before you incarnated your soul accepted your job description, your birth card for your journey through this current life.  Your birth code and your birth card together create your freedom code – your way of navigating life.

All of this magickal and meaningful information is calculable via your date of birth; as a numerologist I then intuit your chart so you receive the information and messages you need to help you at any given point in time.

Receiving a reading feels for many as though they’ve come home, grounded into themselves, and feel deeper confidence to show up fully and without apology.  They breathe a deep sigh of relief and give themselves radical permission to be who they were born being, rather than who the world has told them to be.

The deeper your understanding of your personal energy and its cycles, the deeper you know yourself.  Then you have choices as to how you choose to show up in the energy that’s available for you.  You know how to navigate challenges when they arise.  You know who you are.  You know why you’re here.  You know what your contribution to the world is, the medicine you bring to help others, the magickal gifts you have to share.  You know your purpose.  Of course, you get to choose all the details of how you apply this information, how you share your gifts and who with.   You do know for certain the energy inherent in whatever you choose to create, however you choose to reinvent yourself.

The deeper your self-awareness is the more you are able to navigate these shifts and changes with ease and flow, rather than them being a particularly bumpy time or the crisis that these transitions are deemed to be in our society.


Knowing your purpose is your secret key

Knowing what’s important and what you want smooths your transition through midlife.

As society molds and shapes us according to what it demands of us, midlife provides opportunity for you to reconnect with or discover your purpose, to choose who you want to be in your purpose from then on.

Your purpose is your secret key to living a fulfilled life.  To knowing at the end of your life that you’ve done what you came here to do.  Your purpose gives you a focus for being you.

Why does it matter what your purpose is?

When my client first came to me although she appeared successful she certainly wasn’t feeling successful on the inside.

What she really wanted was to have freedom to choose how she spent her time and make great money doing whatever she chose.

When we first started working together, she wasn’t sure why she did what she did apart from making money which meant she felt neither successful nor satisfied.

As we refined her purpose and she deepened her connection with it she became more focused and aligned which resulted in her making faster progress and more money than ever before with ease and flow.


“Life is never made unbearable by circumstances, only by lack of meaning and purpose.” – Viktor Frankl


Many of my clients are unsure of their purpose when they come to me.  Although they may have a superficial understanding of it, the deeper you understand your why the more powerful it becomes.

Because your purpose is your reason for doing what you do, by understanding it deeply and intimately you propel your progress with ease and flow.

I believe you are here to live your purpose, we all are, to help more people help more people so that the ripple you begin expands exponentially.

Imagine a world where we were all doing that!!! It’d be pretty awesome I reckon.


With certainty of purpose, you give yourself permission to expand, grow and share your gifts with the world in a way that furthers your spiritual purpose and evolution.  And you feel safe, solid and secure to do so.


Your purpose is your reason for being.

Your purpose is the medicine, the magickal gifts you bring to help others.

When you know your purpose you know why you’re here.

When you know your purpose you know what your magickal gifts are.

When you know your purpose your self-trust and confidence grows.

When you know your purpose you know what you want and how to have it happen.


As your purpose and spiritual confidence alchemist, I’m here to help you live a life of purpose and leave a legacy your grandchildren will be proud of.

I’m here for you when you want help identifying your purpose and creating your legacy.


Whether you choose to navigate this period of transition alone or with support please know that what you’re experiencing is a part of your life journey.

Midlife is a magickal midlife transition to the next reinvention of you


“When you are more committed to you and your freedom than you are to your past – that’s when magick happens”


I hope you now appreciate the immense power you have during midlife to reinvent yourself.

Being a woman in midlife you have the power to break free of the expectations of others; to show up fully and without apology; to share your magickal gifts with the world; to help more people help more people; to experience delight as the ripples you begin expand exponentially.


If you’d love some support please book a time to chat with me over at www.speakwithdaphne.com

If you want to know your birthcode please pop over to www.giftfromdaphne.com




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