Words have power

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Your words are powerful

Your words are magickal.

There’s powerful magick in your words!

You have magick on the very tip of your tongue!

You are a magickal, powerful being.




Abracadabra is a word that our society has discounted and dumbed down so much that most of us are no longer aware of its meaning and power.

Centuries, almost millennia, ago our Aramaic, Hebrew and Arabic forefathers knew this word and used it.  They realized it’s power and effectiveness.

As a society, we’ve ridiculed it so much that rather than associating it with its true, deep and profound meaning we relate it to someone in a costume pulling a rabbit out of a hat or a handkerchief out of your ear.

So what does it mean I hear you asking.  And well you might!


Abracadabra means “We create what we speak”


Simple, powerful, profound words.

We create what we speak.

I create what I speak.

You create what you speak.

Whatever we speak we create.



Speaking simple, powerful, profound, magickal words requires courage.

Using the power of abracadabra takes courage.

For you to receive what you want, for the magick to succeed, you need to be courageous.  You need to be willing to move forward resolutely and bravely in accordance with your own beliefs, and aligned with your values.

How willing are you to courageously ask for what you want, to speak powerful magickal words?

How willing are you to trust and believe you’ll receive what you asked for?


Thought before speech

Now, we all know that before we speak there comes a thought.  Then our words are effectively our magick, creative wand that makes our thoughts come to pass.


This of course comes with a caveat:

We can’t just be running around saying stuff and making it happen willy-nilly.  That would create a shambolic mish-mash indeed!

We know that everything in the universe carries an energy, and that in order for us to receive something there must be an energetic match – an alignment of energetic vibrations – between us and whatever we want.

You know how a magnet attracts and rejects different objects based purely on their energetic alignment; we do that too.  Effectively you’re a magnet walking around in the world attracting everything that’s energetically aligned with you.  That explains why some things you say you want you never receive.


Aligned or not?

One simple way to test your alignment with anything you want is to run your desire through the filter of your values.

Is what you want aligned with your personal values?

If not, you’re unlikely to be an energetic match.  If not, it’s unlikely to serve the greater good of the universe.  Either of those scenarios mean you’re not likely to get what you want.


Open to receive?

Another check is to ask yourself honestly whether you’re really open to receiving what you say you want.

You might say you want to be a millionaire yet not believe it’s possible which means you’re not open to receiving it.



The quickest, most effective way to raise your vibration is to proclaim your gratitude persistently and consistently with emotion and passion.  To make gratitude an integral part of every moment of every day.  To live in gratitude.  To have an attitude of gratitude, always.


Your personal energy

Understanding your personal energy is key to identifying how you can be showing up in the empowered side with a higher energetic vibration.

Message me today if you’d like help with that. I’ll ask you a few questions to make sure we’re a good fit to work together and if we are, we’ll get started.







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